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When it comes to cooking rice many of us are familiar with stove cooking and the electrical rice cooker appliances. However, how many of us are familiar with microwave rice cookers? Microwave rice cookers are one of the newer methods of cooking rice. A vast number of us own a microwave oven for when we need something to cook fast which is the reason why these cookers are known as cheap. Rice is not really known for fast cooking, however it is possible to get cooked rice in a shorter period of time by using a microwave cooker rather than other methods (apart from pressure cookers). With so many microwave owners it makes sense to why this product is on the market today as it would be convenient for many of us…relying upon the outcome of the rice is good.

How to Cook Rice in a Microwave Rice Cooker

You may be wondering, what on earth does a microwave rice cooker look like? In essence it’s a rather simplistic, a plastic bowl designed with vents to let steam escape. Although the overall all appearance of the appliance may look basic it does manage to cook rice.

Cooking the rice is done in a few easy steps:

1) Wash the rice if required to remove all the starch (Remember to check Manufactures instructions)
2) Add the rice into the microwave rice cooker
3) Add water to the rice cooker (the water should roughly be 1 inch above the rice IF you are cooking white rice)
4) Screw or fix on place the lid containing air vents, ensure there are air vents!
5) Place into the microwave and switch it on to the specified timings
6) Leave to stand for around 5 minutes or until satisfied and serve the rice

As you can see from above it is rather simple to carry out the cooking of rice in a microwave. However there are a few items to point out before you start. Firstly are the timings…before you know how long to cook the rice you must check your microwaves overall power as it will affect the timing. For instance it takes less time to cook the rice in an 800W microwave than a 700W. Secondly the type of rice, brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice and affects the measurements of water to rice and takes longer to cook. As well as that you may consider soaking the rice depending on its type so that it cooks faster and better, experimenting is the key to perfect the rice.

Pros & Cons of Microwave Rice Cookers

When it comes to microwave rice cookers there are some stand out attributes of why you should choose them or not over other methods. Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Overall cheaper than electrical rice cookers
With the exception of pressure cooking they tend to cook rice much faster
Can be placed straight into the fridge after cooked
Very easy to carry out the cooking

Plastic cookers are not ideal as they do have the potential to melt in the microwave if you are unaware. This can produce toxins.
Requires more monitoring than electrical cookers
Rice may not always be produced at a high standard such as not being evenly cooked through
No keep warm function
No temperature control from what Micom Rice cookers can offer
Microwaves are not designed specifically for the cooking of rice
Requires a microwave…Can put the “cheap” factor to “expensive”
Less functions and settings

Main attributes of microwave rice cookers are that they are a cheap and a fast method of cooking rice. Like stated above this is only if you previously own a microwave and do not have to spend on getting one beforehand (which most households will). Overall if you want more out of rice you are best off with an electrical rice cooker although they will be more expensive.

Where Can I Purchase a Microwave Rice Cooker?

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