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Is It Worth Buying a Rice Cooker? – 16/02/2014

is it worth buying a rice cooker

Commonly asked is whether or not rice cookers are worth the value. Rice cookers are specifically focused on cooking the best rice it can therefore if you have problems cooking rice such as burnt rice, rice sticking to the pan or even if you are unsure of cooking times and measurements, rice cookers can help. >>Read More<<

Choosing The Type Of Rice Cooker – 14/02/2014

rice cooker types
There are various rice cooker types to choose from and sometimes it can be hard to differentiate one from another. Read this article to see the advantages each one has to offer and why you should choose or not choose them when looking to purchase a rice cooker. >>Read More<<

Microwave Rice Cooker 26/07/2013

microwave rice cooker

Find out about microwave rice cookers, a fast cheap and effective way to cook rice when you just dont have the time. >>Read More<<