Aroma Rice Cooker – ARC-757SG

aroma arc 757sg
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14 Cups
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30cm H x 24cm W
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Features & Attachments

Easy one button switch to cook rice
See through lid so you can observe the cooking rice
Made of stainless steel
Automatic keep warm setting that activeates after rice is cooked
Ideal to also cook soups or chilli in it
Removable inner pot and easy to clean
Weighs only 7 pounds

Aroma ARC-757SG Rice Cooker
Rice Measuring Cup


In today’s world, life has become very easy in each and every sphere. Cooking also comes in it. The utensils, which are made for a particular thing, just uplift the standards of the person. Aroma ARC-757SG is one such item. The cooking pot is made of surgical grade of stainless steel. This cooker can prepare 4 to 14 cups of cooked rice. It is very simple and has one touch operation which keeps it automatically warm. Chili, soups and stews are great to prepare through it.


This product helps you to enjoy home cooking. It can prepare rice by merely pressing the button, and automatically switches to a warm setting once the rice has been cooked. After the cooking is done, the pot is removed quickly and easily for cleanup in the dishwasher. This rice cooker has also a measuring cup along with spatula, which allows you to use right outside the box. This cooker comes with everything which is necessary to make delicious meals and you can enjoy home cooking through little preparation by only touching the button. This rice cooker is easy to store in case you are not using it. It is suitable for any kitchen.

Estimated Price

The actual price of this product is 49.99 dollars. But occasionally you get good discounts also. And the latest price is 44.08 dollars. This item ships for free and has super saving details. That means you can now save a total amount of 5.91 dollars, a total saving of 12%. It also gives a limited warranty of 1 year. It can also be bought through online shipping.


Every item has its pros and cons. This rice cooker is not an exception in this category. This product can prepare at least 4 to 20 cups of rice and keeps it warm for many hours. The digital controls are very easy to prepare white and brown rice. The programmable steam keeps all the food warm. Even meat and vegetables can be cooked simultaneously for healthy and one pot meals. It has also a 15 hour delay timer, which is must for flexible planning. The non stick inner cooking pot removes for quick cleanup in the washer.

As far as cons are concerned, this item is slow to cook rice when compared to other rice cookers. The price is not very cheap, nor very high.

Customer reviews

The reviews of customers are very satisfying. Due to this product in the kitchen, cooking has become very easy. The item can cook up to 7 cups of rice at one time. It is able to cook any brand of rice from only 3-5 cups of water from the hole of glass lid. The price is low in comparison to other brands which is again a point gaining factor. It has got 5 stars. You can also buy this product online. The shipping charges are free. It is best for a number of people. Many a times, discounts are available on this product.

aroma rice cooker

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