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Rice Cooker Reviews

18/02/2014 - Aroma Rice Cooker – ARC-150SB

Aroma Rice Cooker

Aroma 150SB is a large capacity rice cooker perfect for small/large families or small restaurants with a maximum capacity of 20 cups of cooked rice. The minimum amount of rice is 4 cups of cooked rice. For a Micom (Digital) rice cooker and steamer this cooker is highly recommended especially at its price.
ARC-150SB Aroma Rice Cooker

25/07/2013 - Cuckoo Rice Cooker – CR-0631F

Cuckoo Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0631F is available in both offline as well as online stores at highly reasonable rates. The weight of this product is only 10 pounds which make it quiet portable to be carried to outdoor locations. This rice cooker can cook around 6 cups of rice in one time. Moreover, it needs service power of about 110 volts. This excellent rice cooking product comes with...
CR-0631F Cuckoo Rice Cooker

25/07/2013 - Aroma Rice Cooker – ARC-743-1NGR

ARC-743-1NGR Aroma Rice Cooker

Aroma ARC-743-1NGR is a fine example of it. The product can also be used to steam up any vegetable of your choice. Anybody who uses this wonderful piece of technology will agree that it is very easy to use and a really reassuring way of making rice. Moreover, with this equipment at your disposal there is...
ARC-743-1NGR Aroma Rice Cooker

25/07/2013 - Aroma Rice Cooker – ARC-757SG

ARC-757SG Aroma Rice Cooker

In today’s world, life has become very easy in each and every sphere. Cooking also comes in it. The utensils, which are made for a particular thing, just uplift the standards of the person. Aroma ARC-757SG is one such item. The cooking pot is made of surgical grade of stainless steel. This cooker can prepare 4 to 14 cups of cooked rice. It is very simple and...
ARC-757SG Aroma Rice Cooker

25/07/2013 - Zojirushi Rice Cooker – NS-LAC05

NS-LAC05 Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NS-LAC05 is highly versatile and shall always act as a helping hand when expecting few guests at home and one does not have enough time to cook. This is an ideal choice for people living single or having small families. Though at first instance it may appear that it is not metal because of its different colours but it is stainless steel with coating of attractive classy colours. Thus it...
NS-LAC05 Zojirushi Rice Cooker

25/07/2013 - Cuckoo Rice Cooker – CRP-HS0657F

CRP-HS0657F Cuckoo Rice Cooker

Preparing immaculately cooked rice is speedier and less demanding with latest rice cookers that utilize actuation. The South Korean make rice cookers produced by Cuckoo support higher force levels between 0.8 and 0.9 kilograms, which brings about unrivalled gelatinization. Among the many models of Cuckoo Rice cookers, Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F has been quite popular with the users. It is available in...
CRP-HS0657F Cuckoo Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Articles

16/02/2014 - Is It Worth Buying a Rice Cooker?

is it worth buying a rice cooker

Commonly asked is whether or not rice cookers are worth the value. Rice cookers are specifically focused on cooking the best rice it can therefore if you have problems cooking rice such as burnt rice, rice sticking to the pan or even if you are unsure of cooking times and measurements, rice cookers can help.
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14/02/2014 - Choosing Types of Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Types

Find out about the various rice cooker types in order to help you find the most suitable rice cooker. See each types advantages and disadvantages for hy you should opt for it.
Types of Rice Cooker

26/07/2013 - Microwave Rice Cooker

Microwave Rice Cooker

Another method of cooking rice is making use of a common kitchen appliance, the microwave. Microwave rice cookers are a simple design manufactured to provide just another way of cooking rice fast and at an affordable price.
Microwave Rice Cooker

What is a Rice Cooker?

Rice cooker is also called rice streamer which is a kitchen appliance or in simpler terms, a container that is dedicated towards cooking rice. There are several rice cooker reviews that you will come across and most of them will say that these cookers are an excellent helper for their kitchen work. Rice cookers are divided into pots, rice steamers, electric or gas appliances, and plastic or ceramic containers for ovens. Among the highest selling rice cookers are the ones that run on electricity. These cookers are best suited for both industrial as well as commercial usage and come in several varieties like electric or large gas rice cookers, fully automatic versions, and so on.Rice cookers have been into use since ages. Rice cooking is a traditional process requiring attention so as to make sure that rice has been properly cooked. Those that are run on electricity have automatic process by electronically or mechanically controlling timing and heat thereby freeing homeowners from standing and cooking or investing time till the rice gets cooked perfectly. Rice cookers will not speedup your cooking process but will save time. For using a rice cooker, you need to fill it with measurable quantity of rice, correct water quantity, and it’s done. After filling the cooker with ingredients you need to set the cooking time without giving any further attention to it. Modern day rice cookers come with warming mechanism and heat-insulating casing. Once the rice gets cooked, cooker will switch-off automatically thereby preventing your rice from getting overcooked. Moreover, these cookers will keep the rice warm for a longer duration of time. Insulation degree offered by casing will also help in keeping cold solids in cold state.

These cookers require around 30 to 60 minutes for cooking the rice completely. There are few advanced models of rice cookers that can calculate starting time when provided with finishing time. Moreover, the time needed for cooking rice completely will also depend on quantity of rice that you are cooking, heating elements, atmospheric pressure, etc. There are few kinds of rice dishes that work in special ways for preparing rice. Rice cookers can be used for preparing recipes like stuffed peppers, risotto, and paella among many other dishes.

History of rice cookers dates back to 1937 when Japanese Imperial Army showed automobile kitchen that was equipped with basic rice cooker. This cooker was wooden box in rectangular shape having 2 electrodes connected to its opposite ends. For cooking rice, this wooden box had to be filled with water and washed rice. Finally current was applied. In this way water started boiling and with it, rice got cooked. As water quantity reduced, resistance increased that in turn reduced heat. This became stay-warm state automatically. In this method, there was a high risk regarding electrocution and hence it wasn’t suitable for cooking rice at home. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a Japanese firm in 1945 introduced commercial electric rice cooker. This product has aluminium pot along with heating coil inside. There wasn’t any automatic turn-off facility whereas it needed monitoring constantly during cooking.

During early development phase, rice cookers that were used in homes had a simple concept of rice heating and switching off the heater as temperature increased to some point. However, this method had great influence with seasonal changes brought about in room temperature. There were several manufacturers who introduced their rice cookers but none of them attracted customers’ interest. The first electricrice cooker that was practically created was from Yoshitada Minami. It finally became possible to prepare rice through triple-chamber rice cooker. Toshiba in 1956 introduced the first highly successful rice cooker that was electric and automatic. This version made use of double-chambers for cooking rice. First rice had to be placed in pot and one has to add water in the surrounding container. This water will boil off and the pot’s temperature will rise rapidly. Then bimetallic thermostat gets activated as well as gets-off automatically thereby preventing burning of rice. Very soon, Toshiba manufactured 200,000 rice cookers every month for Japanese market. Within 4 years, more than half of Japanese homes had rice cookers.

In 1990s, it was China that began mass production of economically usable electrical rice cookers that had limited features as well as exported them to several other regions. As this product started gaining attention, several manufacturers got into this field. In the year 2000, several deluxe models were introduced and they had non-metallic materials especially for inner cooking bowls for employing thermal radiations and this helped in faster cooking. There were some who used materials like ceramic-iron layers, diamond coating, and pure copper.

Rice Cooker Features

Some of the features include:

  • The smallest rice cookers have the ability of cooking rice for a single individual. It means that they can cook around one cup of rice.
  • The bigger models of rice cooker can cook around 10 cups of rice. There are some commercial models that have the ability of cooking 20 cups or more of rice.
  • Prices of different cookers may vary from one manufacturer to another and it depends on features, capacity, materials, and several other factors.
  • These rice cookers can raise temperature of water to its boiling point that is 100 degree Celsius to around 110 degree Celsius.
  • You can cook brown rice that contains bran fibre and oils.
  • You can use the pressure-cooking models at high-altitudes as well.
  • The automatic versions of rice cookers don’t require users to waste time in switching it on and off. All you need to do is to set its start time and once the rice gets cooked, it will get switched off automatically.
  • These cookers will keep rice warm for a longer period of time so that you can eat them even after long hours of cooking.
  • They are made using advanced technology and mechanism so as to maintain the essential ingredients of rice thereby making it highly nutritious.
  • They cook rice at a very fast speed.
  • You can also prepare many other dishes using these rice cookers.

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