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cuckoo crp-hs0657f
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6 Cups
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Black & Silver
29cm H x 30cm W
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Induction Heating and Pressure Cooking
Voice feature to help guide you and notify. Comes with volume settings, especially for night time
Micom computer chip providing a digital display
6-cup capacity to provide for around 6 people
Inner lid that is detachable
Automatic Steam Cleaning
GABA rice function for even more healthier rice
Turbo Cooking
Button Lock
Water Control
Energy Efficient – Saving Energy
Multiple cook functions
Multiple safety functions (16)
Keep Warm

CRP-HS0657F Cuckoo Rice Cooker
Measuring cup
Rice spatula
Plastic steamer


Preparing immaculately cooked rice is speedier and less demanding with latest rice cookers that utilize actuation. The South Korean make rice cookers produced by Cuckoo support higher force levels between 0.8 and 0.9 kilograms, which brings about unrivalled gelatinization. Among the many models of Cuckoo Rice cookers, Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F has been quite popular with the users. It is available in Black and Silver colours. It has the capacity to cook for 6 to 10 persons. Weighing 17lb and with 110v power Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F comes with voice guides (only in Korean), formula book (only in Korean) and manual (Also in English).

Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F has instigation heating system with non stick covered cooking bowl for simple cleaning. It has a sturdy and solid development. It comes with Progressed Fuzzy Logic Technology for exact cooking, along with TPC framework. It has simple top control and headed display with clock and timer capacity. It also possesses sixteen safety features along with delicate steam cap, multi-cooking and auto steam cleaning function.

Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F is a rice cooker that works on Induction Heating system, & it makes your rice shinier than any viable electric run rice cookers. There are numerous diverse menu settings for cooking white rice, tan rice or grain blended rice, and so on. It can additionally cook numerous distinctive sorts, for example rice cake, meat, steamed stew and so on.

The manual of the product itself is exceptionally handy, and there are sufficient English expressions on the rice cooker so you can effortlessly resolve what you are doing. The manual is exceptionally supportive as to figuring out how to do what you are expecting to do. What’s more once you get the rudiments down, it is truly simple to resolve how to do everything else.

The delay timer is also good. This Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F rice cooker has an implicit clock. Thus, when you utilize the deferral timer, you don’t need to include how far you need your rice to cook, and you aren’t restricted to products of an hour or 30 minutes. You can physically set the accurate time you need the rice to begin cooking in this Cuckoo. It is so advantageous and the rice stays new and delectable for that entire 12 hours and the rice tastes delicious too.

GABA rice…what is GABA rice??? In recent years a new method was discovered of cooking brown rice which was known as GABA. This method is a way to Activate brown rice so it increases a natural formed Amino Acid called, gamma-aminobutyric acid which is where GABA is derived from. This acid is known to enhance healthy attributes in the rice making it more beneficial and worthwhile.

With this, South Korea’s Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F cooker clients can rapidly and successfully cook white rice, sushi rice, tan rice and rice mixes. These rice cookers can additionally be utilized like a slow cooker to cook meat, make stew and plan different suppers and it comes at very affordable price. The units are accessible in a wide mixed bag of sizes that are perfect for arranging rice for a family or a vast gathering. This Cuckoo rice cooker is stacked with wellbeing characteristics and multi-cooking apparatuses that guarantee every grain of rice is impeccably cooked every last time.


Near all reviews on this rice cooker displayed on Amazon show that it is worth its cost for its high top of the range technology and multiple features. Here are the top 4 comments found about this rice cooker:

CRP-HS9657F Customer Reviews


Although this rice cooker is costly to many of us it is far beneficial to the standard rice cooker. Packed with advanced technology to cook rice in several ways with top heating systems to perfect rice just the way you want it time and time again. Most certainly worth a look into if you like rice and/or cook it on a daily basis.

cuckoo rice cooker

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