Aroma Rice Cooker – ARC-743-1NGR

aroma arc-743-1ngr
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3 Cups (uncooked)
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20cm H x 26cm W
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Multi-task allowing you to steam vegetables or other foods while your rice cooks beneath
One switch to control the cooking of rice
Auto keep warm
Glass lid so you can see inside while in motion
Non stick
Easy to clean

Aroma ARC-743-1NG Rice Cooker
Steam Tray
Measuring cup for the rice


Kitchen is one place which has been in focus of scientists and innovators; this attention from them has resulted in the development of many appliances, which can be found in modern day kitchens. These appliances have reduced our work load and made things easy for us, in terms of effort and time consumption. Rice cooker is one of such wonderful appliances and Aroma ARC-743-1NGR is a fine example of it. The product can also be used to steam up any vegetable of your choice. Anybody who uses this wonderful piece of technology will agree that it is very easy to use and a really reassuring way of making rice. Moreover, with this equipment at your disposal there is no way your rice will not get optimum cooking which will be appreciated by everyone who will eat it.


One can cook rice alone in Aroma or in combination with other ingredients like vegetables, spice or meat as per the recipe. Its capacity is to make six cups of mouth watering cooked rice, which is fluffy and implements very welcoming looks. It has got provisions for cooking rice while steaming vegetables and meat, like doing two things at once; this speaks for its versatile nature. By having this product, we can get a lot of convenience with saving of time and off course it looks very pretty in kitchen adorning a counter. It is an automatic machine and a smart one too. The moment our rice get cooked, it scales down its operation and switches to warming mode, which will insure that your food does not gets cold till the time it gets to the plate, with saving of electricity.


As far as the price of the product is concerned, it can be said that it is quite reasonable when one sees its features and performance. Moreover, in comparison to other choices, it can be said that Aroma is economical and one of best value for money product in its category, which gives flawless service at a fraction of the cost of competitors. It has got all the positives and nothing negative. It is a robust piece of equipment and if one just keeps it clean gently after use, it will last a long time, with good service and delicious food offering.


Sometimes you may come across badly written manuals limiting the information required to manage the rice cooker. The manual with this rice cooker certainly provides what you need from:

Cooking Rice or other foods (soups, chili, stew)
Safety Steps
Steaming times
Support contact details
And more

So it really covers what you require.


Overall ratings from customers who have purchased this Aroma model have scored it a great 4 out of 5. This is a great score for a low priced rice cooker. Here is what we were represented by on Amazon when it came to customer reviews and scores on this cooker:

Aroma rice cooker

As you can see many higher scored ratings while there are those lower scores as well but certainly outscored by high ratings.


Very cheap rice cooker compared to other models which can be many times the price of this one. So really you are not going to get the most advanced technology and features. Typically if you have had previously more costly rice cookers or perhaps more advanced then you may find it won’t deliver as you would expect. Although looking at the customer reviews overall you can certainly see more reviews like it then not.

Edging away from price the cooker will allow you to cook other foods, for instance soups, vegetables, chili etc. Along with its easy one button switch it creates real simple control which is great for new users. But typically if you do wish to have little more advanced technology then opt for higher priced rice cooker such as Micom with Induction Heating. Additionally if you are often eating rice and wanting that great soft rice you should also opt for a higher priced model.

Overall it comes down to what you are looking for and if you’re unsure and never purchased a rice cooker before then going for this model you are sure to be enlightened by its technology.

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